A Poet and A Philosopher

Two quotes that say the same thing

“But I go back. There are four beliefs that I know more about from having lived with poetry. One is the personal belief, which is a knowledge that you don’t want to tell other people about because you cannot prove that you know. You are saying nothing about it till you see. The love belief, just the same, has that same shyness. It knows it cannot tell; only the outcome can tell. And the national belief we enter into socially with each other, all together, party of the first part, party of the second part, we enter into that to bring the future of the country. We cannot tell some people what it is we believe, partly, because they are too stupid to understand and partly because we are too proudly vague to explain. And anyway it has got to be fulfilled, and we are not talking until we know more, until we have something to show. And then the literary one in every work of art, not of cunning and craft, mind you, but of real art; that believing the thing into existence, saying as you go more than you even hoped you were going to be able to say, and coming with surprise to an end that you foreknew only with some sort of emotion. And then finally the relationship we enter into with God to believe the future in—to believe the hereafter in.”

“If we do leave the Axial Age — Nietzsche said in the 1880’s that it would take roughly two hundred years for the collapse of this age to work itself through and out of our human system – what might lie on its other side? At least two phenomena present themselves to us as already in place, and thus, in no need to be predicted and awaited. We note first the growing emphasis on future trends and possibilities. Metaphysical thinking gives way to secular futurology In this sense axial thinking does not disappear at all. The present remains appearance, and the reality in conceals is simply transferred from a religious or metaphysical beyond to a worldly future, attained in so many decades or centuries.”

What do you see in common?


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