An Enigma’s Lament

I want my own refresher orb;

and a refresher orb for my refresher orb;

and a refresher orb for that too.

I want an Aghanim’s to spam my ult;

and a Linken’s to block yours.

And a Heart.


8 Responses to An Enigma’s Lament

  1. zuch50 says:

    DOTA, what good times.

  2. Joey says:

    Ross. That’s lovely! Hahaha

  3. joeyglick says:

    The Countdown of Indecision
    I’ve been in love with the thrill
    Of -random choices
    For longer than I could kill
    Indecision, and differing voices
    Help my friends with support
    Think strategy and build rapport
    Almost God, beside us
    My heart beats fast
    A fearful thing, like grass
    Short and near dying
    So empty and alone, I must gamble

  4. joeyglick says:

    Think of how unspeakably sweet
    the taste of kill at midsummer,
    how sweet a kind spring breeze
    after the hales of a winter

    But as we all discover,
    nothing’s quite as sweet,
    as one recover
    wrapped around a DOUBLE KILL

  5. joeyglick says:

    Late evening arrives:
    I unlatch my door
    and quietly wait
    for the one who feeling in my dreams.

  6. joeyglick says:

    As I recover from death,
    Like Jesus, waiting for resurrection
    I think of you,
    fireflies in the plains rise,
    like the soul’s jewels,
    lost to momentary longing,
    fifteen long seconds,
    technological fear mongering

  7. joeyglick says:

    My brown hair tangled
    as my own twisted thoughts,
    I sleep in nightmare alone,
    dreaming of one who has gone
    who stroked my hair till it glows

  8. joeyglick says:

    Sometimes, everywhere I wander
    O my invisible friend, Riki,
    With you ever present,
    How could I close my eyes to your radiance?

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