Notes about life

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

“Philosophy is to the real world as masturbation is to sex.”

“Sometimes I take humor seriously. Sometimes I take seriousness humorously. Either way it is irrelevant.”

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

Traces of Meaning
As I swim, dragged through the river
Sometimes I get lost in a sea of sea turtles
As the dream sediments as a pool
I find a nice corner and nap: Hide.
Popcorn clouds engulf my visual cortex and I
Sigh: Its all a dream.
A dream, but one that gently pours all night
The corner slowly spins away revealing the pool
And crisp like bacon all the turtles lay
Dead like Sun Dried Tomatoes
And red like Empty School Girls.

I know of a Broken Ladder
Missing Many Rungs
more Primal, less Sustainable

There once were Turtles all the way Down
Now, Just Skittles.

I found her alone in a Dress
The bud of my life
My women
my wife
I smoke her till my head spins off
I cloak her when I kiss her mouth
I’m going to faint from such full Breathes
Coughing from her Sediments
My Creativity;
a combination of Sensitivity and Self_Doubt
The sensuality of her Sensitivity;
a combination of her Creativity,
her Sensitive Sensuality
and Combustable Tips

Virgil said
“Happy is he who has discovered
The causes of Things
And has cast beneath his feet
All fears
Unavoidable Fate And the
Din of the Devouring unDerworld.”

Wikipedia notes that Lucretius may have been driven mad by a love potion. During the intervals of his insanity, he had written a number of books, and he killed himself by his own hand in the 44th year of his life. The claim, Wikipedia insists, is often dismissed as a result of historical confusion.

I like any Philosopher
Who was driven
By a Love Potion

The Vessel as The Metaphor
The physical body is the
Vessel, that holds the mind and spirit
Like a floundering goldfish
Neither the Mind nor the Spirit can survive
Without a Fish Tank!
Thus! Whence the vessel dies its contents, logically…
No longer exist.

Viruses and Proteins
I don’t like arguments that destroy like viruses.
I like arguments that work like proteins.
Some people get fat with age
Life makes you heavy
Someone asked a woman who is terminally ill,
What is it like to wake up every morning
and know that you are dying?
Like all good answers, a new question;
What is it like to wake up every morning
And pretend that you are not?

My parents argue so much
About money
They end up with less
Because they need lawyers.
Eating Oranges
Tingles between my Fingers.
Clench my hands in a dirty Squeeze.
Loneness is new to me.
To glue myself together I need tar.

Humans are the notes of an annual melody
With increasing static
Each note now exists in greater separation
It is only when surrounded by empty spaces that
I can improvise

Some Aphorisms
Everything you give someone should make them cry, laugh, or agree

Bees were the first animal that learned to kiss

Inside a Bee Hive is High-Speed Wireless Internet
I’ll bet their pornography is as sweet as honey

The broken man wagged down the street
Like a fractured tail

Desire is love directed at an end
Desire is limited
It always implies the potential for cessation
Love is the promise of constant longing

The common cold will soon be cured by antiribotics

True love is the semantic difference between “I Love You” and “He Loves Her”

Sadness is mindfulness is appreciation is the Will

Determinists are the saddest sorts of people
They don’t even know what they are missing.

The only people who hate poems are people who hate parts of themselves.

My friend Eliot once said,
“I am just bothered by you,
It’s nothing with you,
It’s your general attitude”

Rationality is what children use against parents for power

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