Letters to a Young Poet

Today was the first day I realized that I had these two conflicting beliefs.
1) I have very helpful advice about an issue I am thinking about, and
2) I think people don’t get nearly as much out of my advice as I think they will, because they think about things differently

Conclusion: I can be more useful to others by thinking more about how to communicate productively.

Synoptical  reading recommendation: Letters to a Young Poet
Reason: I think that Ranier Rilke is the most inspiring advice giver I have heard in a while.  It really freshened me up.  But, I think it might appeal more to those who consider themselves to be more poetically oriented.

Note for Brian:  Before, you wanted me to let you in on how my Heidegger class was going.  Given my conclusion from above, my answer would be more useful for me than for you.  Instead, I want to focus my efforts on linking interesting primary sources about the interesting things that I am thinking about.  If I had to choose one clearly explained text as a metonym for Heidegger’s philosophy, given my understanding so far, I would choose these ten letters.

Notes for reading:
i) Please read slowly
ii) Keep in mind the author was considered to be one of the best living poets.  Beautifully, the letters are targeted for a reader who just began poetic ventures.


Final Thoughts: I am very fucking thankful for this blog because it facilitated my growth from someone who wrote and journaled rarely, to someone who tracks his thoughts meticulously.  Every day I feel blessed because of my experiences with all of you.

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