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This post is about the “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”
Short version, Read this and and then watch this
If you don’t have time for the “read this” then read this.
1) The creators of the show have described Awesome Show as “the nightmare version of television.”
2) Speaking with Vanity Fair in July 2009, Wareheim said that season five (or “Season Cinco”) will represent “a very dark side of the Awesome Showseries. I think people are going to be very scared and very disturbed by it.”[14] He also noted that the pair draw equal humor from the awkwardness of The Office as they do from the awkwardness of David Lynch’s films.
3) The show has a million implications for the discussion of social contingency.  I have never seen a show with as many interesting intellectual references.
As Vanity Affair writes, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is one of those rare TV shows that can alienate some viewers with nothing more than the opening credits. Even for long-time viewers and hardcore fans, it’s kinda confusing. It begins with stars Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, dressed in matching red jumpsuits, dancing on their own tongues. Then there are flashing images of a fax machine, a hot dog and two kittens tongue-kissing. Tim and Eric’s respective heads explode, sending their viscera and dozens of tiny kitty heads spiraling towards the screen. If you don’t enjoy those 20 seconds of rapid-fire absurdity—which, for the record, tells you absolutely nothing about the show itself—then you need to keep on tappin’ that remote, brother, ’cause you ain’t gonna like what comes next.

During its four seasons on Adult Swim—season three will be released on DVD August 4th— Awesome Show has been one of the most polarizing shows on television. The people who love it really love it, with almost violent Star Trek ComiCon devotion. The people who hate it want it not only cancelled but chased out of town by an angry mob brandishing pitchforks and torches. And just try describing Awesome Show to somebody who’s never seen it before. It’s like… Eugene Ionesco doing a Sacha Baron Cohen prank, if Ionesco was a big Flight of the Conchords fan… and on crystal meth.”

5) John C. Reilly: “Awesome Show is getting its first spin-off, Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, which premieres on August 23rd. How the hell did that happen?

TH: It was all John C. Reilly’s idea. He called us one day and said, “We should give Steve Brule his own show.”

Reilly’s been on Broadway. He’s been nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes. Now he’s got a show with a 12:15 a.m. time slot on the Cartoon Network. How is that not a career misstep?

EW: He loves it. He’s told us that when he goes out, 90 percent of the people who approach him are saying “Steve Bruuuule!” It’s become a very popular character for him. He just wanted to try some more.”


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  1. Ross says:

    So good.

    I’m pretty sure everyone around me thinks I’m fucking crazy, though.

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