Interesting song

I’m not sure how you will experience this video, but I want to know your reactions.  I won’t say anything else about it until after you have seen it and formed your impressions.
Thanks for your time.

One Response to Interesting song

  1. Joseph Replogle says:

    I watched the video one time (I don’t know if that is enough) and my initial impression is that it is fun and quite weird. I immediatly thought the lyrics were alluding to the Turner thesis. Americans (or any people with frontier psychiatry) constantly wish to explore new territory and conquer unexplored areas. To some extent, the artist may just be suggesting themselves as exploring more territory through the song (as in the RATM song “Renegades” which proposes that RATM are Renegades).

    Still, I think that the song has a deeper meaning than this. I find it particularly hard to analyze because I don’t know anything about Australian society (do they have Frontier Psychology or do they believe in normalcy similar to UK culture?). Assuming the Aussies suffer normalcy, this song may be critiquing normalcy and suggesting that people should explore new territory. As the speaker “felt strangley hypnotised”, he lived in conformity. Breaking from this, he is now our current hoolligan narrator, missing classes and making this crazy music. To tie it to other critiques of normalcy, Radiohead chooses a much different route (suicide, in fact) and uses a simple video in “No Surprises” to deal with conformity. Instead of giving up or becoming bored, the Avalanches’ song chooses to revolt against normalcy and to explore emotion outside of what would be normal.
    In the end, I enjoy both these perspectives on dealing with conformity and feel that both have their merits. Sometimes I feel like shutting myself off from hypocrisy or people just going through the motions. At other times, I choose to scotter around, sing loudly, whistle, provoke argument, and be a hooligan. Both have their merits. I like the video and found it enjoyable to watch. I would prefer to have a dance party to the music rather than watching someone else dance to it.

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