Favorite Groner quote

One of the years when I went to Apple Valley, Groner and Spring and I got into a political discussion.  I thought what Groner said was so hilarious that I wrote it down, almost verbatim.  I had forgotten it until now, I thought you all might be amused:

“I think most of Bush’s ideas and plans were good ideas.  The problem was that they were implemented incredibly poorly.

For example, I’m all for torture.  But I’m not for telling people that we torture.  We don’t want the world to think of us as a country that tortures people.  As soon as a detainee gets a lawyer, we have to know we lost that battle.  When the media finds out that people are being tortured, Bush should have said, “I am aghast, I can’t believe this was happening, I had no idea, this ends now” – and then Bush should relocate the terrorist and send someone to shoot the leak.  Or take secret CIA prisons.  Bush shouldn’t acknowledge that they exist – that’s why they’re called secret.  If one is discovered, he should immediately denounce them, and then move them somewhere else.

Instead, Bush just openly admits everything that he does.  “Yeah we torture, we tap people’s phones, we have secret CIA prisons… it’s all for national security.”  Clinton would never be so stupid.  When Clinton was accused of adultery, his response was “No, that’s ridiculous, I’m morally appalled – I have a country to govern, I don’t have time for that”.  If Bush were in the same situation, he would have said, “Yup.  Doing it right now.  She’s under the desk.  I got nothing better to do.  Could you give us a minute?”

One Response to Favorite Groner quote

  1. joeyglick says:

    This post is rather flippant, but raises a really important philsophical question, especially for a pragmatist. This is a question that I have really grappled with, and am still undecided on.

    Christopher Duncan wrote an essay titled “A question for Richard Rorty”
    In this essay, he asks Rorty why honesty should be respected, assuming one could successfully make the world “better” through lying.

    I am thinking about writing a whole post about this sometime soon under the topic area of honesty. I might even bring in a guest speaker from Pomona…

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